Two years, two months, and seventeen days

Heading home

The post title is how long it took me from first posting about commuting to work on the Fuji, and actually doing it. I loaded it up with food and clothes last night and headed out this morning at 05:16. I wanted to leave by 05:00, but well, time has a way of escaping from me. The photo was actually from the commute home. I did not want to lose precious seconds slowing down to snap photos on the way in this morning. I’ll try to remember to put the Go Pro camera on for next time.

Anyone wondering if this might be some sort of procrastination record for me, uhm, no. I will leave it at that.

Here’s my reward (ok, it took me long enough, but experts say you always reward positive behavior)

My reward

Ride stats (round trip)

Distance: 27 miles
Temperature: Chilly in the morning, not so bad this afternoon
Ride category: Better 2 years, 2 months, and seventeen days than never.



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