It is not an addiction

Fuji Cross Comp 2

Last year I managed to commute to work on my bike a few times, but only once a week. I had to bring food and clothes the day before because I was using my Specialized Allez Comp and had no way to carry stuff. That has all changed with my latest addition. I fitted my 2008 Fuji Cross Comp with fenders and a rack for the Topeak drybag panniers. This way I will be able to bring everything with me on the days I pedal, hopefully twice a week. The other days are reserved for the motorcycle. I’ve officially declared 2009 the year on two wheels. The conditions were great for testing the Fuji today:

Conditions are perfect

I may need a couple of trial runs up to work before I put this plan into affect. This time last year I had 154.1 miles vs my 2009 total of 62.2.

Ride stats

Distance: 9.1 miles
Temperature: 54˚
Ride category: The Fuji’s maiden voyage.



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4 responses to “It is not an addiction”

  1. Karen says :

    sweet!! can I at least ride THIS bike? Are you going to cross race this year?? And how many bikes is this now?

  2. Ellen says :

    Yes. Yes it is an addiction. Two more bikes and you will need to get a bike shop license from the town.

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