New Bike Love

Being a practical person, it’s hard for me to justify this next post.  I can only say logic, or  any kind of practicality, had little to do with my decision to buy a cyclocross bike.

I’ve wanted a ‘cross bike for a while now–but I don’t race, and I already have a mountain bike and a road bike.  Having a third seemed truly extravagant.  But then Heather started talking about doing the mythical D2R2 this summer, and I started to let the lusty idea of a third bike work on me.  I invited Heather along to the LBS to encourage me–because I’m really good at denying myself material things, and something told me I’d need a devil on my shoulder to go all the way (yes, Heather is a perfect little devil).

I test rode three bikes, all Specialized:  The Tricross, The Tricross Sport, and the CruX.  I really thought I wanted the CruX–it’s more of a racing bike and it’s got a snappy color scheme and just looks fast and fun.  They didn’t have one that fit well, which really influenced my opinion of the ride.  In the end I went for the Tricross Sport–a step up from the standard Tricross with the same components I enjoy in my Specialized Dolce Elite Road bike.

Read the fine print.

Now the Tricross is safely living in my bedroom.  I do everything short of tucking it in at night.  It’s definitely my new baby.  I finally got the Shimano 520 clipless pedals on it, and cannot wait to tackle the gravel roads of Franklin County as I contemplate the next big adventure.



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

7 responses to “New Bike Love”

  1. Steve says :

    Very nice! I guess the old saying is true: the correct number of bikes to own is b+1 where b=the number of bikes you currently own!

  2. Velosopher says :

    I’ve heard good things about the versatility of that bike — congrats!! A “reason” to add a bike to the stable? Are you kidding? The right number of bikes is always N+1, where N = the number you have now.

    I’ve been having a blast riding gravel in Hadley and Shutesbury on my new Salsa Vaya — if you want to check out some of the fun, go here:

    Did you buy at Valley Bike & Ski Werkz?

    PLEASE post any long gravel roads you find — I’ve been searching long and hard, but they’re hard to find on maps.

    Have fun!

  3. highlandparkmtbrace says :

    That was a good decision. If you’d like to make the jump to sick, twisted and Ill advised ones, you may very well wind up at a mountain bike race. Cheers!

    • Karen says :

      I’d very much LIKE to wind up at a mountain bike race, YOURS in particular, but can’t make it work in June with my schedule.. You should resume the series in September!!

  4. Jonathan says :

    @Velosopher, Todd Holland from the Northampton Cycling Club does a pair of great dirt road rides each spring in the Leverett/Pelham/Shutesbury area. These rides are around 70% dirt, and hit some great local back roads. Maps below.

    Ronde van Pelhaammeren:

  5. Velosopher says :

    Jonathan, very kind!!! Many thanks. I’ve heard of those rides, but the maps will be invaluable, and they start maybe five mi. from my house!

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