The New Project


Pay lots of attention to the woman behind the curtain.   She’s been back there working hard on a master reinvention.  The paycheck bought these new Rudy Projects. My old pair was tired after a decade of service and I was due.  They are, in a word, awesome.  They are designed for smaller faces like mine, and I was worried when I saw how small the inserts were. But they are completely invisible to me when on and leave me with a very crisp picture of the road ahead.

Speaking of the road ahead, let’s talk again about the woman behind the curtain.  Clearly, it’s me. I’ve been quietly working two jobs since February.  And soon I’ll be working just one.   I am leaving a career of 20 years and doing something completely different. 

So that’s really the new project of my life.  Better hours, bike to work, telecommute option, and a fascinating business on the cutting edge of technology.   I’m very psyched.

It’s a brave new world.  I’m bringing the bike there.



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “The New Project”

  1. Glenn_in_MA says :

    Just curious…what model Rudy Project? I take it you have an Rx insert? For the first time I’m considering Rx cycling sunglasses…been dealing with SportsRx online. They ID’d Rudy Project Horus as glasses that might be able to accomodate my very strong Rx…so it’s good to know you’ve liked yours.

    • Karen says :

      Glenn, my model was the Rydon II–this model is specifically for small faces. I kid you not when I tell you my last pair of glasses were “juniors.” And yes, I wear the inserts. My last pair of Rudy’s were also great, but I admit the inserts were close enough to my eyes that my lashes brushed up against them, which seems minor but was actually a little annoying. These are great–no problems, and very sporty 🙂 Not bad for picking them out of a catalog with my eyes dialated 🙂

  2. Glenn_in_MA says :

    Thanks for the Rudy info and stopping by my blog. 🙂
    I’m going to try the Rudy Horus.

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