Let me re-introduce myself

Nice view

I’m Heather, Karen’s alleged co-blogger, and let’s not forget top 5 friend. It’s confession time, I have been riding a fair amount. I have even thought of blogging about said riding, but, well, it just never happened. Shocking, I know.

What kind of riding have I been up to? Well, Karen posted about our trip to Earl’s yesterday, so there’s been some mountain biking. I have already mentioned commuting to work in a rare post from earlier this year. I have been doing some longer rides with a friend from the LBS, and even got the old group from work to hit the Turners Falls bike path. In fact, that went so well my friend Tammy asked me to accompany her to the LBS so she could buy her very own bike! She bought a Scott Sportster 50 that she loves. The other day I walked into work and the first thing she tells me is she put 11 more miles on it the day before. She mentioned she had to take another loop around the block because she was a hair under 11 miles. Oh yeah, welcome to the club.



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One response to “Let me re-introduce myself”

  1. Chuckles says :

    Top 5 friends? Do I make the cut???

    If not, can I “eliminate” part of the competition to make my way up the list … you know … someone who’s been lagging in one way or another & you wouldn’t mind so much if they took an overly long “nap,” if you know what I mean?

    Love you Heather!


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