About Heather

My probation officer said I needed to find a new hobby….kidding. I am gainfully employed and my days off change every week. When I was younger, I had no problem going off into the woods by myself. Not so much now. It’s hard to find someone at 9 am who wants to go ride the fire roads or single track at the state forest. Also, my beneficiaries will need a body to collect the insurance policy. That’s where you come in, to point the search & recovery team in the right direction. Again, just kidding.

I am more than willing to keep riding through the winter. I would love to have a reason to finally purchase studded tires for the mountain bike or maybe the ski conversion package I saw last year. Check out Ktrak.

LIVESTRONG Philly 2008

Karen and I will both be riding this year; it’s my first LIVESTRONG event. Cancer affects all of us, in our personal lives and professional ones, too. That’s what made me decide to get out there and do my own fund raising. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


10 responses to “About Heather”

  1. mega says :


    i found y’all via google. i’m in western mass as well and not super familiar with the local trails. i tag along with bob’s group every once and a while, but it would be cool to ride with women too. if you are venturing out, feel free to email: stergem at hotmail dot com. i am a teacher, so my hours aren’t too odd, but i can get out in the early afternoon.



  2. Debbie says :

    Great blog! Although I’m one of those freaks who is unable to stay upright on a bike consistently- I can only assume the rounded tires are entirely to blame–of course not my balance. I really enjoyed the blog- pictures especially!
    Ride that Bike! Cheers, Debbie

  3. Bruce says :

    Why would any body want to ride in the Winter? It’s dangerous to you and the drivers on the road. After all they are called roads and not trails.

  4. Bruce says :

    This blog remains a great way to stay tuned to your adventures. I’d like to ride with you sometime, but by stiff neck prevents me from looking back over my shoulder to see if you’d be keeping up with me. Maybe I could purchase a mirror.

  5. Karen says :

    I think I like Bruce 🙂

  6. Philip says :


    I am a four season road rider and mountain bike rider. This winter has been the first winter I got some studs on my mountain bike and have been riding snow mobile trails. It is so much bloody fun.

    Try riding in the woods at night with lights on. Even more fun.

    Bruce wrote why ride on the road in winter? Because you can and it is also fun as well.

    Dangerous it might be but no less than many other things we do in our lifes.

    Happy riding.

  7. Bruce says :

    Hey Sluggo,
    Have you stopped riding? I haven’t seen any of your alledged riding stories posted. I’d write some of mine, but I’m too busy riding.

  8. _ says :

    Hey- Maybe it’s weird, but we’re thinking you’ll give us a call soon (i.e. play).


  9. Erica & Rachel says :

    Just wanted to say “Hey Heather! Hope you’re doing well & totally think you should take a spin over to our place soon!”

  10. Martin says :

    Hello Heather
    Perhaps our women’s only race in woodstock is of interest to u….



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