More incentive to ride: I’m in training

I never thought of doing a LIVESTRONG ride before. I even wanted to do some sort of ride this summer, but could not come up with the “right one.” Well, that decision was made for me when someone I work with was diagnosed with cancer last Wednesday. In the past, I have donated to Karen’s LIVESTRONG ride, my dad’s wife’s cancer walk, and Fatty’s Century to Nowhere. I was helping out in the fight against cancer, I thought. Enough of the donating when someone comes to me, it’s time for me to get out there and do my own fund raising for the cause. My other co-workers can no longer call me the crazy bike lady when they see me biking in snowstorms; I’m in training! If you would like to donate, click here. If you like Karen better, she should be registering soon. As a single mom, she has two schedules to juggle, so there’s a little more planning required.

Now, the ride details. I decided last night to pedal down to the gym at 18:30 hours. Sorry Karen, that would be 6:30 pm. I was very happy to see the bicycle rack was completely shoveled out, on both sides even. Riding to the gym is working out well. No need to spend any time in the cardio room, right to the free weights.

Ride stats:

Distance: 8.2 miles
Temperature: 28˚ (F)
Ride category: gym commute


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