A small request

To the people at my local Stop & Shop, let’s clear up a few things. I am not homeless, and no, I did not just return $15 worth of cans. What I am is in training for the LIVESTRONG ride in Philadelphia. I just happened to stop in to pick up stuff for dinner while out riding. Next time, just ask me what the get-up* is for instead of averting your eyes in haste whenever I catch you staring at me. Thank you.

*I do need to get a photo of me in the get-up, it’s pretty funny. And definitely not foo foo.


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5 responses to “A small request”

  1. Karen says :

    Hey Heather–why don’t you let me take you shopping and I’ll foo-foo you out.

  2. Paul says :

    Hey there. I’m also planning on doing the 2008 Philly Challenge. I’m going to be registering soon.

    Good luck and LIVESTRONG!

  3. Karen says :

    Paul, you will be in good company. It’s a fantastic event and very very well attended. Lance was there last year–on stage and on the course. Very inspirational. Hopefully we’ll see you there!

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