Pro-am photography and bikes

I love taking photographs, and always carry my Olympus 720sw with me. If I am on the bike, it’s attached to the handlebars with the gorillapod. This setup has worked out better than I thought it would. I’m always checking out photography and bike blogs, and love it when I come across the two together. I have RocBike in my feed reader, and following a link from there this morning I discovered one of Russ Roca’s blogs. While checking out a few of his posts, I found a link to Rick’s. Both are professional photographers (California and Panama respectively), and both use their bikes as transportation to their shoots. I also found lots of interesting things to drool over read at another of Russ’ blogs. Three of my favorite things bikes, photography, and good beer.

Ride stats:

Distance: 13 miles
Temperature: 35˚ (average)
Ride category: Mileage and groceries


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One response to “Pro-am photography and bikes”

  1. Karen says :

    I am 17th and you are 22nd with only 33 miles separating us. I hope there are no bikes on St. John. I put in 10 miles tonight. 73 degrees. Ride category: Watching The Biggest Loser on the flat screen.

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