An important skill


Yes, the ability to breathe through one’s nose is a very important skill for biking. At the moment, it is one I do not possess. The sneezing started yesterday and by last night I finally admitted I had the damn cold. With only three rides logged for the month of August, and LIVESTRONG right around the corner, I am less than thrilled with this new situation. I am resting at home today, and hope that the BJ’s size package of Dayquil and orange juice will kill this by next week. Let me rephrase that…it WILL kill this by next week*. Heather

*positive thinking/positive threatening-call it what you want, whatever gets the job done.


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One response to “An important skill”

  1. Karen says :

    Hey Heather, I’ve got it too–hit me this morning. Zicam. OJ. Multivitamin. I wish I could call out to work, but you know how my job is….

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