The Pre-LIVESTRONG Infirmary

I had my last ten days all planned out.

Well, sort of.  I was in the process of planning them.  How much I would ride.  What I would eat.  I read up on nutrition, recovery rides, sleep….doing everything right just before your “big charity ride.”  The best articles were in this month’s Bicycling Magazine from fit chick Selene Yeager and Lance’s former coach Chris Carmichael.  I was eating clean, taking a multivitamin, and did my last big 50+ miler ten days prior to the ride.  I planned at least three more mini rides, just to keep the legs in form.

Then the disease struck me.  Heather got this too, but took a sick day.  That was Friday.  We got it one the same day.  I did NOT take a sick day, because I could not.  Besides that I’m incredibly stubborn and have to be near death to not work.  But today, she’s feeling better.  And I’m (guess what?) OUT SICK.

So, there will be no maintenance rides, no fitness checks before LIVESTRONG for me.  Ten days of “recovery” is what I’ll call it, but it’s 85 degrees outside, low humidity, and I’m on my couch today.  I’d much rather be outside riding.

I have 5 days to recover.  Please, wish me well!


PS–I hate tea.


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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

6 responses to “The Pre-LIVESTRONG Infirmary”

  1. Dana says :

    Oh, what dumb luck! I do wish you well and a speedy recovery!!

  2. Leah says :

    I do wish you well! Doesn’t always happen this way? Well, a little forced rest probably won’t hurt you.

  3. Karen says :

    Thank you ladies! I’ll be curling up with the nyquil again tonight. I’m really hoping by Saturday this is a distant memory…

  4. Selene says :

    You will be fine! Oftentimes the very best rides follow that kind of “forced” recovery. Relax and get better.

  5. mixte says :

    Get better soon!! ~Shannon

  6. Karen says :

    I’m eating up all these well wishes and good karma 🙂 Thank you!!

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