At last, it’s over!

Another Christmas in the books, and now it’s time to look ahead again.  The last 3 months has been a full court press–I don’t know if I’ve ever been busier.  While I like being engaged in a lot of different things, yesterday I realized was the first day since summer that I simply stayed home.  No errands, no classes, no school, no work, no papers due, no “have to dos.”  Instead, like many people, we just stayed home and enjoyed family, and played with our new toys.

My life could use a little more of that.

This year I received very little bike related stuff.  I heard myself tell people “I already have that” when asked what I wanted for Christmas.  I got a cool little under the saddle bag–an item I needed.  But the big gift was something I don’t use while cycling, but when watching races: a brand new camera. 

It’s a pretty sweet piece of equipment and feeds my love of photography.  It’s does pretty much everything  I could ask for.  I tried it out Christmas day when kiddo wanted to ride his bike. 

I have a lot to learn but the zoom is amazing.  I’m especially looking forward to learning the burst feature for quick action shots.  I’m also looking forward to getting back into wildlife photography–I may have to plan an excursion or two for 2011.

Merry Christmas everyone–and Happy New Year!



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