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JAM Fund Grand FUNdo – 2017

  • The JAM Fund Grand Fundo has became a signature cycling event in western Massachusetts, known for it’s cycling star power, beautiful and challenging routes, great food & drink, and warm community.  Living in western mass, I feel particularly fortunate to connect with so many cycling friends  at an event in my backyard that I otherwise would not get to see in my day to day life.

This year, Laura came back to do the full Fundo–67 miles and over 5,650 feet of climbing on a mix of paved and gravel roads.  It was a warm and cloudy day and I was grateful temps didn’t move past the mid 80’s.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 5.52.02 PM

Laura & Gail.

We rolled out from Black Birch Winery in Southampton and hit gravel within just a few miles. Soon we all tackled the formidable King’s Highway, followed by Krug Sugarbush and then around mile 22, our first rest stop.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 5.52.14 PM

KIT Teamies, Steph & Kathy at rest stop #1. I felt a little guilty in my NCC kit. They gave me a pass….”when in Rome….”  Northampton Cycling Club for summer, Keep It Tight for cyclocross season.

Soon after, we were back on gravel for what seemed like the next 30 miles. I was riding my gf’s gravel bike, a 2016 Specialized Dolce Evo, which was super comfortable. I loved the stopping power of the disc brakes and the Lazy-Boy quality of the seat. But it didn’t help me in the climbing department, and at 22 pounds, I was used to a lighter machine. I slogged through each hill, which slowed all of us down (sorry guys), but on the descents I bombed past everyone. The Specialized tracked superbly and I could confidentially hit 40+ mph on gravel and then stop on a dime.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 5.38.20 PM

Laura’s taking a selfie and I’m showing her the pretty birdie.

By mile 50, I was more than ready for our downhill finale. 17 miles of reverse hills I was downward dogging it back to the winery. I REALLY wanted to hang out and enjoy the food and beer and friends, both new and old–but my son had been dropped off at a neighbor’s house after 2 weeks away from home (tech camp & a Cape Cod vacation) and I couldn’t wait another second to see my boy. I can’t complain though–It was a full day on bikes with friends at a terrific event supporting the next generation of cyclocross greats. I’ll be back next year for another helping!



Highland Hardware & Bike Shop is Carrying Sip, Clip & Go Coffee

Small post, big news!

Sip, Clip & Go’s Coffee is now available for sale in its first retail location in Holyoke, MA. Read about all the details here.

Groupon Deal: D2R2 Randonnee Franklin Land Trust Green River Bike Tour

Cyclists interested in participating in the Franklin Land Trust’s fundraising bicycle ride, the famed D2R2 can get a heck of a deal for signing up at Groupon.  There is an associate doffer for the Green River Bike Tour as well.  Full details are found here.

There are two deals to choose from.  Here’s the rundown, cut and pasted directly from the Groupon’s offer:

  • For $90, you get four admissions, including lunch, to the Green River Tour at D2R2 Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee, on August 27 (a $180 value).
  • For $120, you get two adult and two child admissions, including lunch and dinner, to the Green River Tour at D2R2 Deerfield Dirt Road Randonnee, on August 27 (a $240 value).

The clock is literally ticking on this  as of this posting on Saturday morning, there is only 1 day and 16 hours left–so basically you have until the end of the day Sunday to make the decision.  A lot of cyclists find high entry costs to rides, or high thresholds for fundraising a barrier to entry for events like these.  So, no excuses!  50% off is a heck of a deal–for a very worthy cause.


Now that’s a bummer



I brought my bike to work today because I was planning on riding it home. Then I would ride back to work tomorrow, my day off, to retrieve my car. I decided I wanted to do a longer ride, so I came up with plan B. Ride around west county, return to work, and head home in the vehicle. I did 21 miles instead of 13, so my goal was reached (the longer ride goal for today). I figured I needed more miles to burn off one of these. I checked out the temp on the bank’s display towards the end of the ride, but shockingly, I forget what it was. It was 34 degrees or 37; low 40s when I started. My right foot was the one experiencing the block of ice feeling, but the left sock was the one with the hole in it at the end of the ride! Yes, my brandy new socks, too. I will bring them back to the shop tomorrow. I have never had a problem with this brand before, so I was a little shocked to say the least. I packed my toe covers, but for some reason felt I didn’t need to wear them. In the beginning I did not. When I hit the road heading back, that was getting no sun, I was cursing myself for not stuffing them in my pockets. Lesson learned.