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One more race?

I’m fighting off a funk in terms of my cycling routine. And I’m not going to blame the weather either.  The weather is not an issue.   It seems as suddenly all these crazy workouts have caught up with me.  I had one good ride last week and I was rewarded with a tweaked hip that pinched a nerve and made it  near impossible for me to cross my own kitchen, let alone pedal.  I went mountain biking with a friend which was great–I liked the social aspect.  But the ride was slower due to conversation and 5 minutes before we wrapped up I crashed and smashed up my left knee.

Also-last weekend I rolled my ankle and it’s been stiff ever since.

I officially sound like everyone’s older parent bitching about what aches.  How awful of me.  I don’t like it.  I don’t like that my knees pop and crack when I try to get off the couch, and that my hamstrings are so tight they cramp when I bend down to pick up my son’s Legos.

What to do?  A lot of folks advise some time off the bike, but I don’t know….I’m sort of afraid to stop.  I feel like momentum is one of the things I have going for me.

This is where I am, wrestling between time off and another goal.  The most immediate would be next weekend’s finale on the cyclocross season.

The New England Cyclocross Championships is a Dec 15/16 and in Fitchburg, MA.  There are some good videos posted online and it doesn’t look like a really crazy course.  Despite the name it’s really not a big race.  There is a flyover which looks fun–you have to dismount, climb up, and remount at the top.  I am looking at racing Saturday in the 35+ Masters Women group.  Like anything, I have analyzed this to a ridiculous level and know that based on last year’s race it’s a small group, under 10 women, and that if I raced those same women from last year, I would finish last.  I know that even if I do finish last, I will score low points as scored on crossresults.com, which will help my overall average and earn me a better starting position in larger races next year. DC & CX 034

I am pretty proud of myself for doing all these races but after reviewing my results, I have a lot of improving to do and I do want to  get better race results.  So I suppose I should just take my creaky middle-aged body to Fitchburg next weekend.

I’m not committing 100% yet.  I’m going to do my normal training plan leading up to a race and see how I feel after Wednesday.  Then I’ll either pull the trigger or stay home and ride the couch. Then I’ll get it together to recap the year and set some new goals for 2012.  Providing the Mayans aren’t right and all.



Top Ten Reasons to Spin When You Don’t Want To

OK, we’re all in the same boat. If you’re in the Northeast, you’re under at least a foot of snow right now, and it has been that way for some time. There is no great thaw on the horizon. Let’s deal with it together, shall we?

So–how do you stay motivated to spin inside? My top ten list follows. Please chip in and leave your comments. We’re all seeking a little inspiration right now….do your part!

Top Ten Reasons to Keep Spinning
10.) Stress relief
9.) Keeping some level of fitness
8.) We might get a thaw and I want to be ready to really ride.
7.) Lance is on the cover of every single cycling magazine, and if he’s doing it AGAIN, dammit I should too.
6.) Keeping those 5 pounds off.
5.) Watching the Biggest Loser while spinning and knowing they are working way harder than you are, so stop whining and keep those legs moving…
4.) A reason to design interesting playlists on the ipod.
3.) Being single–have to keep in fightin’ shape.
2.) Secretly I’m a masochist and enjoy the tedium and martyrdom of this inane activity.
1.) Continuing to eat pretty much whatever I want.

Bottom line: This is a a means to an end. What do you do to prod yourself along?