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Highland Hardware & Bike Shop is Carrying Sip, Clip & Go Coffee

Small post, big news!

Sip, Clip & Go’s Coffee is now available for sale in its first retail location in Holyoke, MA. Read about all the details here.


Sip, Clip & Go! Coffee: Two Passions, One Blog, & Now a Business Gifts for Cyclists

I’ve been busy.

It’s been 6 years since we started this blog–all over two passions that for us–seemed inextricably linked: Coffee & Bikes.  On about the 3rd of January this year, I had an idea while on a 3 mile run during my lunch break from my office.  I remember where I was on the farm road when it occurred to me, but not what led me to the idea, other than it must have been gestating for the last 6 years.  Except now I was finally in a place in my life where I could cultivate it.  Bikes & coffee.  Coffee & bikes.  I wanted to start a business–and do work that gives back to the cycling community and create a product just for us.

It’s not a revolutionary idea.  There’s not a thing proprietary about it. It’s coffee for cyclists. But moreover, its coffee for the cycling community. Here’s my official “About Us” Statement:

Sip, Clip, and Go! Coffee began 6 years ago with two friends who shared a love of cycling and coffee. They started a blog about their cycling adventures, their love of coffee, and the cycling community in their bucolic section of western Massachusetts. What started as a whim became a ritual, and five years later, one member of the Sip Clip and Go team has brought that love of cycling and coffee culture to the next level (with her co-blogger cheering her on).

Cycling and coffee go so well together because they do the same thing–they bring people together. You can see this at any charity bike ride or Gran Fondo, any group ride or at any cafe or coffee shop; people chatting, connecting over a cup of coffee or a new crankset and enjoying the day in front of them. This is what Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee endeavors to do: bring two great loves together. That perfect cup of coffee after a long leg-burning ride.

Karen works with local roasters in the Pioneer Valley to create Sip Clip and Go’s delicious blends. As an experienced coffee drinker she knows a good cup of coffee when she tastes one. Beyond her personal tastes, in her professional life she oversaw the operation of a very popular cafe serving very popular brand named coffee inside a very brand name bookstore for over a decade. Now she’s offering her own coffee–all to compliment the cycling community that she loves.

Sip, Clip and Go! Coffee is 100% Organic and Fair Trade. We also give 1% of our coffee profits to Bikes Belong, a non-profit organization that works to put more people on bicycles across the United States. So when you drink our coffee, you are supporting several worthwhile economies and causes at once. That’s powerful stuff.

We hope you enjoy our coffee. Care was taken in selecting it with the cyclist in mind. We’re happy to be along for the ride.

If you’d like to check out the site and the coffee and coffee related items I’m offering, feel free to visit me at Sip, Clip & Go! Coffee.  This blog will remain as is–dedicated to writing about our rides and related bike topics, products, trails, culture.  It will probably also mention coffee–sometimes our coffee, and probably others as well.  But the focus will remain on the sport of cycling.  I like to keep boundaries, and this is Heather’s blog too.  Besides, if I don’t blog about riding, I’ll likely pop, it’s become too great a habit to abandon.

And so here we are, the eve of the launch of my new business.  I’m not sure where it will lead, but if it’s a half as fun as it has been riding my bike, sharing adventures with good friends and writing about cycling, I’ve already hit it out of the park.


Cycling Snacks: Nutella & Coffee

While I haven’t exacting been doing much cycling lately (unless you count the trainer, which I’ve started hitting with unexpected enthusiasm this winter), my healthy appetite hasn’t diminished a bit.  Like most cyclists, I worship Nutella.  But I didn’t discover it through the cycling community.

I had to take a bite before I could manage a photo, it looked so good.

Nutella was introduced to me at an event at my son’s preschool a few years ago.  Refreshments were served, and among them–Nutella on graham crackers.  I had never had Nutella before and was vaguely familiar that it was some alternative spread of some sort (note: “alternative” when it comes to food in my book means “funny tasting”).  Out of politeness, I tried the Nutella/cracker combo and realized, almost immediately, all the years of enjoyment I had lost by not knowing about this fantastic product before.  I had lost, literally decades.

I am now making up for lost time.
And what goes better with Nutella & Graham Crackers then a cup of coffee?  I always doctor mine with a little Swiss Miss cocoa, because chocolate is the primary ingredient in my diet.  Lately, I’ve started roasting my own coffee to boot, which had made this snack even more enjoyable.  –Karen

Snack time.It's ok to snack on fresh roasted coffee beans too. I promise.

Putting the “Sip” back into Sip, Clip and Go!

Crafted with love for me at Espresso Vivace Roasteria on Yale Street in Seattle, WA.

When we started this blog, it was to celebrate our love of two complimentary areas of infatuation:  cycling and coffee.  Over the course of the last 5 years (yes!  5 years blogging about all this!) the cycling has definitely taken a front seat to coffee.  The poor, unsung hero coffee.  Admittedly I drink coffee more than I ride bike.  Perhaps I’ve taken it for granted.

No more.

I love a good cup of coffee–it’s a vital part of my morning ritual.  I’m a little bubble gum about my coffee–I always dump a packet of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate cocoa mix into every cup to make it my own mocha concoction.  If out & about I patronize chain and indie cafes alike. Until last June part of my work responsibility was operation of a cafe inside a chain bookstore.  And I’m not going to romanticize that experience; running a cafe is hard work. The reward is selling a great product to a group of customers as serious and passionate about getting a consistently good cup of joe or a crafted espresso drink.  I love coffee. but I’m a generalist:  I like the universal.  That niche shop in Amherst is a little too strong for me–coffee enthusiasts swear by its quality and committment to coffee perfection, and turn their noses down to Starbucks.  Other people find Starbucks too strong.  Different strokes, different folks. Coffee is good and great, and I like mine just about how most of the country likes it. Except sweeter, with the Swiss Miss patch.

Cycling and coffee seem to fit so well together, and most of my cycling buddies won’t start their rides without an infusion of caffeine to power their rides. Other friends like to mix the cafe experience into their ride (I couldn’t do this, I’m not that leisurely about my workouts to pause for a latte). In my 30’s, I always had a hot cup post ride, especially during chilly weather.

How do you take your coffee with your rides?  Do tell.

Thanks for playing.


What the hell, it added another 0.2 miles

At least he's getting paid to wear that

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know Karen is the one who’s always harping about getting pictures of us riding our bikes. This ride was no different, but luckily, she was having problems on how to execute the photo she wanted.  After we rode by this gentleman, Karen said she needed a photo of him for the* blog. Then she got all excited about getting OUR photo with him for the blog and we made a U-turn. I pointed out someone needed to take the photo, and I graciously offered to do same. I’m a die hard fan of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters anyways. That, and I don’t think corporate would like their mascot standing next to someone flying the great American bird.

Ride stats

Distance: 24.5 miles
Temperature: High 40s to start
Ride category: Setting new world records by riding together twice in the same month.


*notice how I use “the” or “our” and never “my” when discussing this here blog

Explaining Blogging to Mom….

My mother is staying with me–I had been away the last two nights on business and Mom came all the way from Boston to take care of my son.  I was released early from my meeting in Albany due to the snow and I have the rare opportunity to hang out with Mom.  So I decided to show her the blog.  She was fascinated by the medium, but didn’t understand the title “Sip, Clip, And Go”  “I don’t get it.” she remarked.  “You mean like your a housewife from the 50’s?  Sip coffee, Clip coupons, and Go shopping?”  Ummmm, not quite.  Anyone who has ever met Heather or myself can tell you there isn’t anything housewifey or 50’s about us (although Heather is a fabulous cook).  I explained the concept to Mom, and she’s on board.  Although secretly I think she always wished I had some housewifey qualities 🙂

Coffee + Biking = Happiness

Coffee By Bike | Commute by Bike

A topic that is as near and dear to my heart as biking, coffee. When I was living in my apartment, and the commute to work was 1 mile, I used to just put the travel mug in the water bottle cage. My commute to work now is 13 miles one way, and I was able to do it in just over an hour when I did a trial run a while back. I am really trying to get myself pumped up to try commuting to work as part of my LIVESTRONG training. I will definitely need coffee, and lots of it. My ride will start at 0500, that means I must be on the road at this time. As far as coffee goes, I’ve tried a lot of different beans. I used to order Gevalia’s, but decided the coffee really did not taste all that much better for the price I was paying. Dunkin Donuts coffee is good, but it must be ice coffee (yes, year round like the shorts). My new favorite is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Hazelnut to be specific. The day does not officially start until I have coffee in hand. If it did, it would be ugly. Very ugly.