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Saying Goodbye to Underpants

Not that kind of post.  Keep truckin’ mister.

I want to talk about this though, because I’ve been coming across more stuff online by cyclists who wear underwear under their cycling gear.  I made the “mistake” of doing it the first couple of times I rode a bike, but was swiftly schooled by a more seasoned cyclist who told me no, no way, no how, don’t do it.  The reason was practical–to eliminate chaffing and seams cutting into tender flesh.  But the cultural implication was more strongly emphasized that any practical reason.  Cyclists do have their rules, and can be a particular bunch.  I fell in line with the social norm.  But now I’m coming across more folks who wear underwear under their lycra and I’m a bit baffled.  Is this up for debate?  Am I old school?

Do you do this?

While I’m not a fan of going commando (me or anyone else, for that matter) in general, I can’t think of a scenario in which I’d opt for underwear.  What about you?