Cyclocross race season starts tomorrow and my mind is a stew of thought

I’ve had about a million things I wanted to blog about over the summer but didn’t, mostly because I’ve been busy having one of the best cycling summers of my life.  Lots of doing, very little reflecting, almost no blogging.  But right now I’m enjoying a RARE morning laying on my couch without another soul around so I’m going to blog about my race tomorrow.

Tomorrow I kick of my cyclocross season, my 5th as a lowly Cat 4 racer.  I’m thinking about designing a cyclocross kit with the hashtag #Cat44Life because I think (I think) I’ve finally accepted that this is where I belong.

I race in Pittsfield, MA tomorrow at a venue I’ve never been to.  It was a neat little field of 7 until 24 hours before registration closed. Now it’s 14 and they extended online registration another day–so I’m thinking it will grow further.  Gone are the days of a handful of women racing, which is good thing, a really good thing.

I’ve done a ton of riding this summer, on track to a year’s goal of 3000 miles which is more than I’ve ever done in a year.  I’ve mostly concentrated on more base miles with some hills.  In August I had some vacation time which decreased my bike time but increased other physical activity (mostly hiking).  By mid August, I switched from the road and mountain bike to almost exclusively the cross bike, and started to try to stick to what resembles an actual training plan.  I’ve been doing that for only 2 weeks now, and with the light fading and my work schedule ramping up I am reminded how difficult it is to keep with such a plan.  But I’ve started counting calories and dropped a couple of pounds, not as much as I would like (but I know zero women in America who feel they are at their ideal body weight so this is yet another unattainable standard I suppose), but enough where I’m feeling a bit trimmer and stronger.

So tomorrow I race, and I find out where I stack up this year, another year older and just a tiny bit wiser. I’m nervous, but not as bad as previous years. I have the same fears, but also slightly more confident. Each time I’m standing at the start, chatting with other women, everyone seems to be experiencing the identical range of emotions in varying degrees. We’re all in it together, after all, which is the whole reason I line up in the first place: the shared experience of competition and the difficultly the course will dish out to each of us.

Cross is coming, Cross is here.  Time to race!

See you out there,




About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “Cyclocross race season starts tomorrow and my mind is a stew of thought”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    Good luck Karen.

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