Kingdom Trails!

This past week I threw together an impromptu trip to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with friends and finally got to ride Kingdom Trails.

I followed my friend Gail up north and we were joined by her boyfriend Matt on the trail.  They have season passes and served as first rate guides for this adventure.


In a word, awesome. Really, this is Mountain Bike Mecca.  We started riding at 2:00pm on Wednesday and finished after 6:00pm, grabbed a delicious meal and a beer at the local tavern. We did 14.8 miles and almost 1500 ft of climbing.  Not bad for a late start.

Heaven’s Bench-Matt pointing to the Bike Barn.

Thursday we enjoyed a delicious camp breakfast prepared by Gail.  We hit the trails by noon and ate a late lunch next to the Passumsic River.  Gail and I took a dip to cool off.

Not long after while on a reasonably easy trail, I hit a small jump (something I had been doing all day).  I landed wrong, the bike got away from me and I hit the trail hard.  Really hard.  It took me a few minutes lying still to take stock of my well being.  My glasses came apart and cut my nose upon impact, leaving a trickle of blood on my nose.  My helmet slammed again the ground twice and I had a slight headache, but it passed.  My hip and backside took the hardest hit and I’m still having trouble sitting down. I kept riding for the rest of the day, but took it easy.  I was pretty gassed by the end of the day, and as we wrapped up the skies opened up to a cool and refreshing shower. We ate at Mike’s Tiki Bar and the Vermont Food Truck, where I had perhaps one of the best cheeseburgers of my life.

Fun Dioramas Trailside!

After Thursday’s crash, I decided to take the day off the bike and start back home after a leisurely breakfast (again, thanks to Gail and her omelet in a bag breakfast).


We camped about 25 minutes north at a small campground that was dominated by RVs, with a few exceptions–including our site, which was a short hike away from the main campground and set next to a waterfall.  We arrived late Wednesday night and set up camp in the dark. The ground was riddled with roots and a clear spot to sleep on was hard to find.  But the white noise of the rushing waterfall helped lull me to sleep each night.

Despite the crash, I had a fantastic time and will plan a return for next summer.  Vermont is a beautiful state and my love affair with it continues.  Kingdom Trails, I will be back!



About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Kingdom Trails!”

  1. Kate says :

    Nice. I went to school up there, but never went out on the trails. I’m still kicking myself for not borrowing/renting a mountain bike and at least giving it a try one day. I saw there are a couple of cross races up that way… Oct 8th in Lyndonville and Oct 9th in Victory… in case you needed a reason to cram more fun into a trip up that way.

  2. techknowgn says :

    I’m making this part of my trip to New England for Holy Week. Can’t wait to ride it

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