The 6+ hour sweet spot

Like any good cliché I’m changing up the diet and trying to work out more. In all the years I have been riding, I’ve noticed a threshold of activity when I start to really see a physical transformation in my body. That magic spot is 6+ hours. 6 is a minimum, 8 is better. Without noticing, jeans are roomier, I sleep better, and I crave healthier foods (while shunning crappy food–what a great problem to have). I notice it in the mirror, I notice it on the scale.

2014-01-18 15.49.12-1

Getting the saddle time is the challenge, especially in the winter. This week I started riding the trainer. I have to make friends with it every year. Last year I didn’t ride the trainer very much and it was a harder road back to any kind of fitness. I don’t want to start so far behind this year. But I can’t imagine getting 6 hours in on the bike this way.

Recommendations for weight maintenance is 150-250 minutes a week. I’m in that zone right now, hoping to scape together enough outside time to creep past the 6 hour mark and shedding some of the holiday weight I’ve gained.  My schedule is such that I achieve my ideal weight for a short period in the summer, then I stat to slowly soften as the days get shorter and my opportunities for exercise diminish with the seasons.

How are you getting your ride / activity time in?


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

7 responses to “The 6+ hour sweet spot”

  1. PedalWORKS says :

    Doing the same – making friends again. I’m trying to lose weight and develop more power during the off season so I’m better prepared for the 1st century in April. Nice post 🙂

  2. bgddyjim says :

    I do 45 minutes a day on the trainer then hope for some outside time on the weekends… winter is always tough, good luck.

    • Karen says :

      How many times a week do you get that 45 minutes? I’m trying for 3-4 during the week.

      • bgddyjim says :

        Every day, except when I ride outside, or the occasional “I’m going to take a day off today” day. I set my trainer up in my office and ride through part of my lunch hour, then heat up a homemade sub in my toaster over and eat at the desk. I’m blessed to be in tight with the company President (I’m the President). That said, if approached in the proper way with the boss, i.e., I want to spend 45 minutes a day to stay healthy and alert and motivated for the afternoon, I can’t imagine too many who would have a problem with spinning through lunch.

      • Karen says :

        Ha. Lunch. If I eat I eat at my desk. I’ve tried to walk at lunch but difficult because cannot go alone and even going with others has its risks (I work in a rough neighborhood). Spinning would disrupt my cube neighbors. It’s late at night or nothing at all….

      • bgddyjim says :

        Bummer dude. I hope you find a good fit.

      • bgddyjim says :

        Or use the conference room. 😉

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