My 2015 Cyclocross Season, Chapter 2

Hitting the pause button is hard for me, especially when it’s not really me pressing it.  I haven’t raced since the end of Holy Week, since the KMC Cyclocross Festival in Providence.  I’m not riding as much and I’m feeling like I’m that kid with her face pressed against the glass of her computer screen, looking at the thousands of rad images of local cx races, just an hour or two drive away. (Disclaimer:  None of the images in this post are of me.  Sad face here.)


I knew this would happen and planned for it, but it’s still hard.  Next weekend I reboot, starting with Paradise Cx Frenzy at the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, VT.  Then the following weekend, I race the whole weekend at Northampton, my adopted “hometown” race.  Then I’m not sure where I’m racing mid November, but it will be somewhere.  The goal will be to race a minimum of 4 more events, max of 8.  I doubt it will be 8, but never say never.  Here’s the lineup I’m considering:

Paradise CX Frenzy, Windsor, VT  October 31

Cycle-Smart International Cyclocross-Northampton, MA  November 7-8

Cheshire CX, Cheshire, CT November 14 Tentative

NECXBAR, Fitchburg, MA November 29

The Ice Weasels Cometh, Cumberland, RI  December 12

I got out once this weekend (only once! I’m going out of my mind), but I made it count.  I had a great ride–some road, some grass, some woods, some gravel, some skills work.  I felt sharp and that felt good.  Maybe I haven’t slipped too far over the last 3 weeks.


Watching the days grow shorter, and my schedule fill with obligations fills me with dread. It occurred to me that maximum security prisoners get more exercise time a day than I do.  Not trying to be a drama queen, but life can feel so out of balance, it challenges my sense of fair play. I’m thinking more of next year, and what kind of adventures I want to have. More to come on that, but first, I have some ‘cross racing to do.



About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

4 responses to “My 2015 Cyclocross Season, Chapter 2”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    I sure hope you find someone, relationship-wise, who will help you one of these days… My wife makes sure I get out, maybe only an hour a day, but that’s enough.

    That said, my obligations be damned. If I have too many of them to get a little exercise now and again, it’s time to shed some obligations… you know, share the obligation pie, if you will.

    One thing is for sure, if I try to do everything myself, others will let me.

    • Karen says :

      I have some support, and I’m grateful for it. But sometimes life gets busy for everyone. An hour a day keeps my edge off. But with it getting dark so fast, week nights are out. But you speak the truth, if you try to do everything yourself people will let you. Very very true!!

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