Thankful Cycling-My Top Ten this Thanksgiving

Grateful, thankful, happy.  I’m feeling it this year.  Are you?  Here’s my top ten list.

10.) For cycling! It’s been there for me during some of the toughest parts of my life. It smooths my rough edges, and makes me a better person, keeps me in shape, calms and mellows me in ways no drug can. I derive so much joy from cycling in nearly all it’s disciplines, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the sport.

9.) Lara bars. These have been a key addition to my nutrition routine.  Gluten free, diary free, soy free, all natural, all awesome and freaking delicious. I’m so happy I discovered them.

8.) My helmet. I’m always amazed when I see someone riding without on. I haven’t had to use it yet but I know eventually, it will save my noggin. I thank my helmet in advance. Wear one!

7.) Strava. Social, competitive, and with amazing amounts of data. I have no idea how I existed before Strava!

6.) Full fingered cycling gloves. Yup, used them the last 2 races because it’s that cold already. Makes all the difference.

5.) My new workplace. There are 2, count em, 2 guys there who are avid cyclists that I can geek out with.

4.) My LBS-Highland Hardware and Bike in Holyoke, Massachusetts. These guys have treated me very well for 15 years. And while I’ve flirted with other shops, they are the consistent winners with a tenured, veteran staff that focuses on friendly service.

3.) My bike mechanic(s). You guys never get enough credit.

2.) My girlfriend, who drives me crazy sometimes (so I return the favor). But, she reliably supports my cycling by watching my son and pushes me out the door so I get my bike ride, and who has single-handedly equipped me with most of the cool cycling gear like my Garmin, my Contour video cam (which yes I need to actually use), a few of my kits, and my road ID.

1.) My sweet, kind, good natured and compassionate son. He amazes me daily with his surprising wit, his consideration of others, and his internal sense of kindness and justice. He makes me proud every single day–which sounds like a commonly expressed sentiment, but it’s true. I beam. I’m most grateful for him.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014 everyone!



About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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