Monday Morning Quarterbacking, Cyclocross Style

One more month of cyclocross left, and I’m looking for a redemption race. No grandiose dreams of podiums, just my dignity. I don’t mind placing last or close to last if I leave it all out there on the course. But I didn’t bring anything to leave.

If this were a line graph, it would be going in the wrong direction.

The Cheshire CX Course.

The Cheshire CX Course.

Results were posted today from Cheshire, and I placed 14 of 15. I haven’t done that poorly in a race since my very first one.  What the hell happened to me out there? The lungs were definitely compromised, but looking at my specific results from the last 3 years, my best overall was when I got started in this sport 3 years ago. My very best lap time was from last year, and my absolute worst performance was from 3 days ago.

Reflecting, I wasn’t totally focused on the race. I’m not in crisis nor have anything distracting happening in my life, I just wasn’t amped up. It was cold. Like, really cold. My lungs did crap out on me in a pretty terrific way. Still–with all these things, I still should have done better.

And it’s not like these are fast times to begin with, but I always seek to improve, and this data shows no improvement. Quite the opposite.

Also, and quite curious, is the fact that in 2012, I was racing on the Specialized Tricross–which is an awesome bike, but it weighed 25 lbs, which might as well been a million lbs. What’s up with that?  Maybe the weight of it helped me bomb down the hills faster–I don’t know.

I could drive myself and anyone around me crazy with my constant questioning, analysis, and self scrutiny, but that won’t do any good. Time to move forward to another venue, with a stronger effort.


About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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