My “Bye Week”

This weekend:  no racing.  This week: almost no riding.  I had an opportunity to ride Wednesday and didn’t take it, because I was still limping around after Granite Gorge.  Granite Gorge shredded my quads so badly–I haven’t been hurting that badly in years.  After the lactic acid ebbed away, I still had a bright soreness in the Vastus Medialis area of my left quadriceps.  Tender to the touch, I let it rest. My week was so busy between work and kid activities it wasn’t hard to take a break.

No one told me this was the natural born enemy of the CX course at Granite Gorge.

No one told me this was the natural born enemy of the CX course at Granite Gorge.

This weekend I have no race on my schedule.  I wish I could get up north to Orchard CX in Hampton Falls, NH.  I keep hearing great things about that race but it’s just not working out with my personal life.  Honestly, I’m still a bit concerned about my quad.  Additionally, my rear wheel was sent out 3 weeks ago to be rebuilt to the manufacturer.  My awesome LBS set me up with a hand-built swiss wheel as a loaner for last weekend.  I returned it so my CX bike is without a rear wheel.  I’m hoping to get the rebuilt wheel back next week, but if not, my LBS will let me ride on the swiss wheel again.

All of this worry and waiting and wheel wrangling is in anticipation of the 23rd Annual Cycle-Smart International /Shimano New England Professional Cyclocross Series. I’ve been going to this race for years as a spectator and raced it for the first time last year.  This is really my hometown race, taking place in Northampton, Massachusetts.  This will be the only back to back racing I will do all season, and after a taste of it last year, I know all too well how two straight days of cyclocross will destroy a body.

One of many run ups at Northampton.

One of many run ups at Northampton.

So I’m taking it easy.  I will ride on Sunday.  It’s cool now, it won’t get out of the 50’s, and I won’t ride more than 20 or so miles.  Next week I might spin on the trainer a day or two.  I want to keep the legs in shape but not taxed.  I want to allow all the time I can for that quad to heal, before I run it through the grinder again.

Northampton will be colder too, and with a 9:30AM start I would expect the frost on the course to be barely thawed.  The long range forecast calls for cold rain on Saturday.

The week leading into Northampton I plan on cleaning up my eating a bit, eating more beets (I’m out of beet powder, drat!), and trying to get 7-8 hours of sleep nightly (that will be a neat trick).  I want to do as well as I can and have enough in the tank to enjoy some of the festivities of my hometown race: spectating, the free beer (yes folks, free!) and of course the fantastic New England Cyclocross community.

See you at the races!    –Karen


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