The Eve Before: The Gran Prix of Gloucester

It’s Friday night.  Tomorrow, the much anticipated, hard fought Gran Prix of Gloucester returns to Stage Fort Park for it’s 15th year.  Of those 15 years, I’ve attended for approximately 8 years of the last 13.  This weekend, I’ll slip behind the CAUTION tape to participate instead of spectate.  I am totally excited to be a part of this epic race–on an anniversary year, after the community of Gloucester almostalmost didn’t allow to return.




This historic cyclocross race also takes place on the North Shore of Boston–the same area I hail from.  My family will be there to cheer me on, and I’m really nervous and excited about that.  This is arguably one of the biggest races in the country for cyclocross, and it takes place with the cold Atlantic ocean as its landscape.  It is truly an iconic venue, a legendary course, and to quote one of my twitter connections, “Gloucester is a special race.”




My race is Sunday morning at 10:00am.  There are 100 women registered–just like almost all the fields–it’s sold out.  I’m hoping to place somewhere in the middle of all of that–maybe the bottom middle, but the middle nonetheless.  The most disappointing thing that could happen is a DNF, but I’m staying positive.  The weather is predicted to be perfect–a sunny and dry 71 degrees with an ocean breeze. My bike is just back from the shop, I have a few more adjustments to make, a short ride planned tomorrow morning for an opener, and then I travel to Boston to spend the night on my mother’s couch.

A full race report will follow.  Stay tuned, and wish me luck!



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

4 responses to “The Eve Before: The Gran Prix of Gloucester”

  1. Tim Cary (@tdcary) says :

    Good luck Karen! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  2. OutsideKMA says :

    100 women registered! Wow! Good luck! Have fun! Take a hand up for us all!

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