Women Who Inspire Me: Diana Nyad

Diane Nyad wants to go to Cuba.  Very badly.

DNyad 3

It’s her #XtremeDream to swim from Cuba to Florida–no one has ever done it before.  No one knows if it’s even possible.  Only a world class athlete could possibly make it the 103 miles. She already holds the World Record for swimming.  But here’s the wrinkle in the plot….and it’s quite a wrinkle indeed.  Diana Nyad is 64 years old.

Yes, you heard me.  She’s a year away from Medicare.  She’s 401K eligible.  She’s old enough to be your mother twice over.

She’s the badass, Diana Nyad is. Her relentless pursuit of what many think is impossible is what makes her so completely inspiring to me.  She’s tried twice and failed, suffering life threatening injuries from poisonous jellyfish like box jellyfish and the Portuguese man-of-war.  And then there are the sharks.  Great white ones.

Let us not forget the amount of time she’ll be swimming.  For at least 60 hours.  No resting, no sleeping.  Pausing to eat but remaining in the water. No lifejacket.  No holding on the the side of the boat that will remain with her.  This will be her 5th attempt.  In 1979 Diana broke the world record for distance swimming for both men and women.  That record still stands today.

Diana borrows from poet Mary Oliver and asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” It’s a worthwhile question, and strikes truth quickly.  Tomorrow morning Diana will enter the dark water and try again for her XtremeDream.  It doesn’t matter if she reaches Cuba or not, she’s proven to the world she is not to be discounted. Never to be trifled with.  She’s Diana Nyad; completely awe-inspiring, Always reaching stroke by stroke toward her dream, in and out of the water.



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    ******she tried to do the crossing recently but was bitten numerous times by man-o-wars and jellyfish and eventually had to stop. now she’s going to try again.******

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