7 Weeks until CX Season

It seems incredible that in 7 short weeks, the first set of weekend cyclocross races will take place here in Massachusetts.

The Monson Cyclocross Race will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 and the Blunt Park Cyclocross Race in Springfield, MA follows on Sunday.  I’ve never done either of these races but they are said to be easier, fairly fast, not so technical courses. If I’m smart, I’ll find some time to check out both courses (thank you Strava for already having previous races mapped out for easy recon).


Also, if I’m smart, I’ll knock off the garbage I’ve been eating.  I have taken advantage of the months of extra riding by enjoying one of the few renewable pleasures in life–eating.  I have become especially close with two old friends, Ben and Jerry. This needs to stop.  Really it does.  I should carve off 5-8 lbs. from my frame for me to really feel like I’m giving this cyclocross season a serious go.

DC & CX 045

But what really is a serious go for a 42 year old woman racing her 2nd season of Cat 4 cross?  Yes, I still need to remind myself that this is all in fun and not let the competitive side of me take over.  That said, my main competitor is myself.  I only wish to improve.

I have the bike this year, the Kona Major Jake.  And Jake, she is fast.  Oh Lord is she fast.  I’m shocked at the uptick in my times.  But with it’s light frame comes it’s squirrely handling on descents.  I’m a great descender.  As crappy as I climb, I can go down anything.  But Jake, she bounces as she rifles down hills.  I have to get a better handle on this.  The bike is slightly big for me.  We addressed this during the initial fit but even with a shorter stem, I don’t have as much control on the handlebars and the brakes that I need for those downhill sections.  More practice and some minor adjustments and I should be good, but I’d like the extra time to feel solid on this bike.


7 Weeks.  Enough time to be ready for the CX kick off.  5 lbs lighter in the lycra and at least 7 lbs lighter in bike?  Yup, I’m really eager to see how this plays out in my overall performance.

Middle of the pack, here I come.



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