My 2013 Cyclocross Season, Tentative

Plans mean nothing, planning is everything.  Eisenhower said this first, but it sums up the way I operate pretty nicely.  That said, I have jotted the CX races I’m interested in participating in for 2013.  Here is the schedule:

DATE                                          Race                                 Location

August 24                                   Monson CX                                           Monson, MA

August 25                                   Blunt Park CX                                      Springfield, MA

September 21                            Aenta Silk City CX                             Manchester, CT

September 28                           Great Brewers Gran Prix                Gloucester, MA

September 29                           Great Brewers Gran Prix                Gloucester, MA

October 5                                    Providence Cyclocross Festival   Providence, RI

October 6                                    Providence Cyclocross Festival    Providence, RI

October 20                                  Sloper CX                                             Southington, CT

November 2                               Cycle-Smart International             Northampton, MA

November 3                               Cycle-Smart International             Northampton, MA

November 16                             Cheshire CX                                         Cheshire, CT

November 30                            Sterling CX                                           Sterling, MA

December 1                                Sterling CX                                            Sterling, MA

Some of these dates are confirmed, others are educated guesses.  The smaller races like Sloper and Cheshire and Silk City are repeats from last year.  Hopefully they will be held again on these similar dates.  Gloucester, Providence and Northampton are pretty set, and those are the big ones.  I’ve attended Gloucester for many years but never races it–and I’m excited for that one.  It’s close to my hometown and has by far the best crowd, and takes place next to the cold gray Atlantic ocean–an epic location for a ‘cross race.  There is some uncertainty at the time of this writing as some local folks in Gloucester are against the race taking place since as it has grown, so has the wear and tear on the park immediately post race (the park heals nicely and within weeks you can see the grass growing back.  By spring, no one would ever know a race took place at Stage Fort Park.  But I digress…).  If you want an absolute on the existence of these races, you’ll have to check BikeReg from time to time, although many don’t get posted until well into Autumn.


Absent from this list is Night Weasels.  I want to do that race as well, but it’s typically held on a week night, which always presents a layer of difficulty in terms of work/childcare.  I think that takes place in November sometime.

Of course there are a bunch of other races I’d like to do not listed above–especially in Maine and New Hampshire.  We’ll see what I can sneak in, and what will need to be omitted.  But I have a list, a working list, and that’s a good start.  It’s also double the number of races I did last year.

Now, I just have to get that new carbon CX bike so I can worm my way to the middle of the pack….



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “My 2013 Cyclocross Season, Tentative”

  1. Tim Cary (@tdcary) says :

    Looks like a great schedule- you’re awesome to get it written up so soon. You’ll have a great year and I look forward to cheering you on as well as joining you at some of the late season races.

  2. Laura says :

    Impressive schedule! Hopefully we can weasel a century in there together. 😀

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