22 inches of NO BIKING

Sad times here in the Northeast.  If you have a problem with riding a trainer, you’d better get over it fast, because it’s pretty nasty in our neck of the woods.  We got clobbered with snow, 22 inches in my town, 25-30 in the Boston area, and up to 40 inches on the coast of Connecticut.  There is nowhere to put it all.  Suffice to say, it’s a bit soul crushing for cyclists.

I’ve been doing time on the trainer about 3 times a week, and meh–it is what it is.  I still play basketball once a week but roads were impassable last Saturday, plus there was a statewide driving ban (that probably saved lives and many thousands of dollars in property damage).  If I could Strava snow shoveling, I’m the freaking Queen of the Mountain.  I’ve shoveled walkways, driveways and even sections of my roof.  Drifts of 4 feet on sections of roof plus rain caused roof collapses in this area 2 years ago.  I got off easy with ice dams that destroyed my ceiling.  So I was up on the roof preventing any potential problems from this round of weather.  We had rain all day today which made the load of snow we had significantly heavier.

Sigh.  I miss my bike.

I suppose its good to want it so bad.  Off season should be a time to rest up and recharge.  I’ve burnt out by late summer before and I don’t want to repeat that.  Cyclocross has helped keep things fresh.  Worlds were fun to watch online.  But otherwise, I’m eager to ride outside sooner rather than later.

So a bit blue about no riding (other than the trainer, but do we count that?  No.),  but I figured I’d share some of my favorite social media images from the historic storm.  Thankfully I didn’t lose power so I had the Internet to entertain me.  For those folks who aren’t from New england that read this blog, it’s worthwhile to note that this past storm occurred on the 35th anniversary of the famous Blizzard of ’78, which is the storm that all others are compared to.  I was 7, my Dad was in the National Guard and activated, and gone for 3 days while my mom tried to dig us out on her own (she was successful, as mom always is).  Enjoy the pics.


My 7 year old self in the Blizzard of '78

My 7 year old self in the Blizzard of ’78

My driveway 2013--my neighbor is getting banana bread for this.

My driveway 2013–my neighbor is getting banana bread for this.

Wicked Stawm

Wicked Stawm

These people are true New Englanders!  Done in response to getting too many obnoxious photos on facebook from friends in warmer climates enjoying cocktails on the beach.

These people are true New Englanders! Done in response to getting too many obnoxious photos on facebook from friends in warmer climates enjoying cocktails on the beach.

This was about right.

This was about right.

Yankee Ingenuity.

Yankee Ingenuity.

Bring on the spring!


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6 responses to “22 inches of NO BIKING”

  1. Jonathan says :

    FWIW, plenty of snow-shoveling on Strava, including http://app.strava.com/activities/40318283, http://app.strava.com/activities/40443658, and http://app.strava.com/activities/40324375. I haven’t seen any roof-shoveling on Strava, though 🙂

  2. Karen says :

    Awesome! Miles of shoveling–love it. I love the heart rate data from that one guy too–proves that work really gets your ticker going.

  3. cupcaketravels says :

    Never having experienced any more than 10cm of snow, I have to say I love those pics!

  4. bgddyjim says :

    That ’78 storm hit Michigan first – I remember that one too! We walked our sleds up onto the top of the roof – went right down onto the pile at the end of the driveway and into the back hard. It was AWESOME!

  5. womencyclists says :

    Hahaha! This post is great! I absolutely LOVE the couple sitting on the porch–that is impressive! Can’t wait till Spring…it’ll be here soon. Right?

  6. Brian Stephens says :

    Rock on, shoveling QOM! Ha, awesome!

    I don’t know how cyclists survive living in the New England area, especially with winters like this one. I grew up in that weather but became a cyclist in the warm weather of the west coast and south. I’m hating the cold weather and riding the trainer endlessly, but I really feel bad for you up north. It HAS TO warm up sometime.

    Great pictures. My favorite is the homemade beer fridge. Great idea.

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