2012 Year in Review

A lot has happened this year, and like most years, some was planned, some was not.  Here are the highlights.


Here are my Strava Stats:


Distance 2,127.8mi
Time 173hr 44m
Elev Gain 81,385ft
Rides 167

I know I did more than this number reflects.  I only joined Strava in July and while I was able to download many rides from my Garmin, I didn’t always use my Garmin while riding earlier in the year.  No matter.  I broke all previous yearly distance records with these stats, even if they are incomplete.


Additionally, I ran a bunch.  I was using Nike + and then stopped running and concentrated entirely on cycling.  It’s only been in the last couple weeks I started running again, and now I’m using Strava for that too.  But here are my combined stats from Nike+ and Strava for foot work:

Miles run   60.5

I had a knee injury last winter and went through about 3 months of PT.  Additionally was fitted for orthotics.  During that time I stopped running and didn’t cycle much either.  When I did start working out again, it was all about the bike.

Cyclocross racing

This was from left field.  Although I had purchased a CX bike in 2011, I never planned on actually doing anything more than gravel roads with it.  Go figure.  Cyclocross has always excited me and I often try to explain it to people.  I was at a dinner party last summer explaining it to the host, and at the end of the evening when everyone was saying their goodbyes, the host said “Hey, good luck with those races!”  Then my co-blogger Heather talked about possibly doing one.  Then my bike mechanic suggested I should enter a race as a personal challenge to myself.  Then a Ladies MTB group I belong to on Facebook hosted a free Women’s CX Clinic 3 towns away.  Too many signs to ignore, so I signed up for a race.  One race turned into six and now I’m focused on having a better season next year, getting a lighter faster bike, and actually having a clue.  It’s great fun and I’m kicking myself for not getting into this sport 10 years ago when I was in my thirties.


Starting a side business

As many of you know this year I launched a small side business called Sip, Clip & Go Coffee.  It’s been a load of fun and I plan to continue to grow a customer base, and hopefully within a couple of years break even on my initial investment 🙂  Most businesses don’t becomes profitable for at least 2-3 years and I aspire to make that timeframe.  That said, my products received some wonderful reviews.  I made some new friends and I value these new connections.  To finish the year off, my coffee was named in the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide by Bicycling Magazine.  I was blown away by receiving press attention from the world’s largest bicycling magazine in just 6 months of operation.

The sum up

This year was a good one. I finally exercised 5-6 times a week for most of the year.  This felt nothing short of amazing and I always wanted to be in a position to exercise that often without sacrificing personal relationships or neglecting my career or my parental duties as a single parent.  I’m not sure what 2013 will bring.  I have a fair amount of uncertainty that I’m facing that has the potential to really curtail my ability to continue this absolutely wonderful healthy lifestyle. More on that later, or maybe not at all. I keep my posts focused pretty squarely on bikes.  Suffice to say I am grateful to have had such a wonderful year riding my bike.  I will set some new goals for 2013 and I hope to see you on the road.



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “2012 Year in Review”

  1. womencyclists says :

    Fun post! Congrats on all the achievements, especially racing and the success for your business! The next time we need coffee (we have a huge stash thanks to my short obsession with extreme couponing…talk about quick burnout on my end) I can’t wait to grab a bag for myself!

  2. Tim Cary (@tdcary) says :

    Great year Karen! Awesome stats- it can only get better from here. I’ve only been following your blog for 1/2 the year, and what you have accomplished both athletically and in business is incredible. Keep it up!

  3. bgddyjim says :

    Congrats on the great year Karen, here’s to many more.

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