Is that a wrap? Not quite yet.

I’ve been absent a bit.  Sorry about that, I was off trying to get my groove back.

I didn’t do that last race of the season and I struggled with the decision right up until a a day after it was over.  I wasn’t going to be happy either way.  I probably should have done it, but meh–I didn’t.  My year’s recap is still pretty freaking good.

I had been needing a break and resisting taking one.  That said I managed to back off on my rides, started playing hoop again Saturday mornings, and started running a bit and hiking.  When I cycle, 90% of my rides have been on the mountain bike.  Low mileage, high fun riding.  Making the transition to less riding and more resting, peppered with alternative exercise has been a bit uncomfortable.  However, my legs finally feel fully recovered.  I’m having a lot of fun exploring a network of mountain bike trails that is close by and I haven’t fully explored due to my focus on mileage and CX training.

I plan to approach 2013 with some seriousness in training.  I plan to race again next fall, and I’m looking at building a credible base and at last some speed.  I plan to upgrade my Strava membership, purchase a US Cycling License, and dive headfirst into heart rate, suffer scores, and watt analysis. I have about 5-7 pounds to lose, but I’m giving myself until September to do that 🙂

I’ll chronicle more tangible goals and events after Christmas.  But for the last few days of 2012, I’m going to keep riding the mountain bike, increase my running distance and frequency, and enjoying my women’s pickup games, which have really taken off this year (I’m actually playing guard for the first time in my life, since 50% of the women showing up are 5’11” – 6’1″  -I am 5’8″ in shoes).



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

6 responses to “Is that a wrap? Not quite yet.”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    How are things going with the running? I remember a while back you were having some serious issues with it – structural imbalance if I remember. Glad you’re jumping into the racing with both feet, very cool.

  2. Ashley Hill (@ashleyhdesign) says :

    Have you thought about road racing at all?

    Also, welcome to my world of training. Working with a coach to give me structure has been excellent.

  3. Karen says :

    I saw a podiatrist and a PT and was fitted for orthotics, and have been wearing them ever since–but stopped running and started cycling exclusively. I’ll have to take it easy and see how the knee responds. Fingers crossed!

  4. Karen says :

    Ashley–I haven’t really ever had an interest in road racing. I’m really just not that fast–all slow twitch muscles. I can last forever, but will never arrive first 🙂 The only reason CX is a consideration is because it’s focus is more on the fun and sometimes silly, plus I get to use my mtb skills which are stronger than my speed. I might do a fondo or randonee or another charity ride, but as for road racing, it’s just never been my thing.

  5. unlimitedMPG says :

    I’m hoping the weather will be gorgeous for the end of March – I am fully planning to schlep my bike up to your neck of the woods from mine. I’d love to see one of your favorite routes … as long as it’s roadie friendly!

    Not opposed to renting a mountain bike either if you have some beginner trails (more than a fire road, less than a super-technical logs-and-stairs extravaganza).

    I’ve been struggling with taking last weekend off and this weekend (tomorrow) looking horrible: high of 39, cloudy and 25mph winds. SOUNDS LIKE FUN …. NOT! 🙂

  6. Karen says :

    Aren’t you staying in beantown? I’m 2 hrs west of the city. We should talk logistics. I’m not familiar with too much in eastern MA in terms of road cycling. I don’t bring my road bike to my parent’s place ever since the traffic is so heavy and unfriendly where I grew up (15 mins north of Boston). But depending on what you are up for, I can recon the area 🙂

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