The air is out of the tires.

The title sums up how my last 3 rides have been.  Pretty flat.  After months of intense training and racing cyclocross, I decided I was for all purposes done for the season.  I started riding “for fun.”  And that was–I thought–a good plan.

It should have been a good plan.  I started mountain biking.  Lower mileage, because mileage no longer matters.  I passed my goal of 2000 miles a couple of weeks ago so I really laid off the gas and transitioned into riding for pleasure.  The problem is, it hasn’t been.

Of course that isn’t ALL true.  But there is something missing.

I wonder if it’s just the natural low following the high of my freshman ‘cross season.  Although I admit, I needed the break.  My muscles felt frayed and tight.  Overtraining was mentioned as a possible problem.  The weather hasn’t been ideal either.  I’m riding in temps that flirt with freezing, and the days are so very short.

I’ve even tried changing up locations.  Today I went to Hatfield to ride. A picturesque farming community.  I liked the stately homes in the middle of the small town.  The road followed the Connecticut river. A fine mist was falling and it was about 40 degrees.  12.2 miles, a short ride, and my only elevation gain was 36 feet.  Dreadfully flat…..just like my mood after these rides.

Pausing to rest.  The light is fading on the season.

Pausing to rest. The light is fading on the season.

I’m not sure what to do about this.  Should I take a real break?  Stop riding altogether for a couple of months?  Enter the one last cyclocross race offered in New England on the weekend of the 15-16th of December?  I already feel my fitness slipping.  And lets face it, snow is almost certainly on the way. The idea of isolating my workouts to the trainer is a bit soul-crushing.

Suggestions?  I’m all ears.




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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

9 responses to “The air is out of the tires.”

  1. Samantha says :

    Hmmm…I wish I thought I had some good advice for you. I know in July I really felt like I needed a break from riding but couldn’t really put my finger on why so instead of arguing with msyelf about it, I just took one. In the end if felt great. I went and watched some friends ride an event and it made me want to get back on the bike. As for fitness, are there any other things you like to do?

  2. Ashley says :

    How often do you just take a week off the bike? A week isn’t going to hurt fitness much, but it can do a lot to get motivation back up.

    • Karen says :

      A whole week? It’s been about 9 months since I did that. Does that mean I can’t work out at all? I would be a danger to myself and others without the stress release I think 🙂

      • Ashley says :

        Haha, I hear ya. Every 4th week is an off week for me, so 3 weeks hard training then an easy week. I’m not completely off the bike, but I have three days completely off the bike and the other days are easy rides.

      • Karen says :

        Well then the last 2 weeks have been “easy” then….maybe I need to go harder again to feel satisfied with my rides again (just don’t feel motivated to).

      • Ashley says :

        Maybe you need a goal?

  3. funkbunny77 says :

    I vote you take a weekend and just relax: sleep in, eat what you want, and relish doing absolutely nothing. I find that taking a few days off can really reinvigorate my love of the bike. 🙂

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