God wants me to race ‘cross

Bold statement, I know.  But after finally getting my road bike tuned and the rims checked for a cause to my chronic flats, I flatted AGAIN on my second ride out.  That makes–what?  9 this season?  I haven’t flatted this much over the course of all the years I’ve been riding, my only solace has been the cyclocross bike.  And after this last incident, I’m beginning to think there may be some divine intervention.

Now my grandmother warned me about doing something like this.  No, no, she didn’t warn my about racing bikes.  A petite Irish Catholic woman who grew up in the Great Depression and who’s mother (Great Grandma) ran a speakeasy during Prohibition, she was a smart lady who warned me never to discuss politics or religion.  Tough assignment these days and I’ve made a real effort to steer clear of those 2 subjects in this blog.  But for what other reason would God give me 9 flat tires?  Why would God not strike my cross tires down as He had the mountain and road tires?  Why has He spared the cyclocross bike any harm and laid misfortune upon my mountain and road bikes?  And all without bodily injury to me.

It got me thinking…..The Lord works in mysterious ways…….


Photo Credit: Twin Six t-Shirt: http://www.realcyclist.com/twin-six-jesus-t-shirt-short-sleeve-mens

So I said, Alright! Alright!  I’ll do it.

I am registering for the Aetna Silk City Cyclocross Race in Manchester, CT this Saturday, September 22.  At the time of this writing, there are only 8 women registered for the open race.  This race was supposed to begin last year, but–don’t laugh–an Act of God put Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts, into a State of Emergency.  This was the freak Halloween Blizzard we had in the Northeast last year. Pretty much the whole state was shut down (I myself had no power for 4+days).

Being that it’s the first year, it looks like a nice little race for a first timer like me.

Last night I put cyclocross tires on the bike–Michelin Mud2 which got a lot of positive consumer reviews, and didn’t break the bank.  I planned to try them out today but I’m in the office after a long weekend away and it’s raining with wind gusts to 50MPH, so as much as I want to check out the mud shredding ability of these tires, it will have to wait until it’s less windy and I don’t have to return to office attire.  Tomorrow the skies are set to clear and I plan to head out early in the morning to the cyclocross course for some practice.  That will be my hardest workout of the week before Saturday, and ,my last chance to practice on a real course with real barrier and a real run up.  So I need to make it count.

All divine joking aside, my goals are to have fun and finish.  Prayers are welcome 🙂  But as my co-blogger Heather told me last night “Hey, if you go to medical school and pass with the lowest grade, you’re still a doctor when you graduate.”  So after this weekend, even if I finish last, I’ll still have raced my bike.



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