Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

I’m sharing this blog post about a video put out by Limitless Performance, a clothing company out of the United Kingdom.  It is by @SheRidesCycling and is worth a read.

Is All Publicity Good Publicity?.

I think it articulates very well the past and current problem with sexism in general, more specifically, sexism in cycling, and more commonly (but come on–boring at this point) sexism in advertising.  Here is the main point, from the link above:

“that video is an indication that we can consider women to still be inadequate; not fast enough, not strong enough and not interesting enough.”

I have considered blogging about some of my personal experience with being a woman in a sport (even in recreational space) dominated by men. I have some stories. But for now–this will do.  This isn’t a sweeping condemnation against men (and shouldn’t be because a lot of men are awesome about welcoming and celebrating women who ride), but rather acknowledges an attitude that women experience rather regularly.  It’s lousy feeling.

I know many of my readers are male and my interactions with them have been 99% positive.  The connection is about cycling, as it should be.  I thank my male readers and the other men in the cycling community who recognize that inclusion beats exclusion.

I’m on the fence about saying more about this.  I’ve tried very, very hard to keep the focus of this blog strictly to cycling without overlap into political or social issues.  But maybe it’s time.


PS–that 1% was a guy I verbally spanked after a snide remark.  He apologized and said that I made him feel bad.  I don’t like to make people feel bad.  But if it changed his attitude a bit, then there’s no reason we all can’t get along in the end, which is my entire point.


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Is All Publicity Good Publicity?”

  1. All Seasons Cyclist says :

    I ride about 300 days a year and most of the time I ride by myself. However, over the course of a year I probably ride with 15 or 20 other cyclists (and we are all about the same speed over long distances). I always prefer riding with women (and not just for aesthetic reasons). When riding with another guy the ride ALWAYS turns into a time trial ride — even if it is going to kill both of us. Female cyclists usually have a better attitude and are less prone to road rage.

  2. Karen says :

    I usually ride alone as well–I have 3 or 4 female friends I pair up with but I haven’t done a group ride in more than 10 years. I like men–I’d love to ride with a few and I honestly don’t mind the showing off & showboating, so long as it’s in good fun and not to exclude.

    As a single mom the fact that I get out there at all is huge. It’s getting easier now that my son is getting older. But I have to find a sitter, pay a sitter, or just squeeze a ride in on my lunchbreak which wasn’t alwasy possible within the span of my career.

    Unfortunately there are few women cyclists out there and even within the sport the pay is vastly different for professionals. It’s a loaded topic for sure. Someday I’ll blog about the experience I had at a two different Mt Bike destinations which harkened back to my years as a tomboy. It was the classic “you can’t do it, you’re just a girl.”

    I love proving people wrong.

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