Discovering Strava

I have a history of early adoption when it comes to certain segments of technology. Not all, but some. This is why I’m kicking myself for not signing up for Strava earlier.

I have previously used Bike Journal to track my mileage, but Strava takes that and amps it up about 1000 degrees. It wraps social media, stats, competition, and geolocation into a beautifully integrated tool for cyclists. It’s just so lovely, I can hardly stand it. What’s that sound? Yes that’s me, turning into a Strava Evangelist.

I must have a persuasive argument because I actually got Heather to sign up as well.

So, in light of the new data, I can see how I’m doing out there among the rest of the cyclists in the area. I can see I’m riding as often, just not as long as most of the group. Sure, I kind of already knew that, but pit me against others and you are going to see some more focused effort on my part.

I have set myself a mileage goal. Ok sure, it’s July and half the year is over but whatever. It’s on. I am looking to beat my old personal best of 2035 miles. Right now I am about 600 miles in so I have some work to do. And although I didn’t track all my rides this year with the Garmin (so I know that number is higher in real life), I am still going for recorded miles. I will take these miles any way I can get them. Riding with kiddo, errands by bike, getting the mail–by whatever means necessary I will get them.

Feel free to follow my efforts on Strava or on Twitter @sipclipandgo. I will follow back.




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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Discovering Strava”

  1. Jonathan says :

    Strava rocks. Welcome aboard!

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