MTB Nonotuck–does the trick

Heather had a rare opening in her schedule for some riding last Saturday morning and she made the journey south for a quick jaunt in the woods.  Nonotuck Park in Easthampton is a super convenient albeit fairly tame spot for me to get a little off-road riding in.  There are tons of roots which keep your handling sharp but most of it is flat enough to get some speed.  Along the pond is the most technical section with dips, bridges, singletracky sections, roots, mud, and extremely startled ducks which always give me a bit of a scare back.  Nonotuck isn’t hard, but it’s fun and with enough variation to keep it interesting.

Not as dangerous as the sign describes…..

They were busy setting up for a big fireworks show that day which produced signs like this throughout the woods.  I guess they didn’t want anyone sneaking into the forest for a private viewing of the show in adjacent fields.

Anyway–like always a good way to get off-road for a bit.  Heather & I agree that we’re going to tackle a few portions of the D2R2 route with the cross bikes this summer.  We just have to get her to start saying “no” to all the overtime she keeps getting and get on her bike instead.



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