What sounds like a firecracker?


My tire blew out on my ride the other day.  In all the years I’ve been riding this has never happened.  I really thought someone had thrown a firecracker underneath me (that actually has happened to me many times before).  The good news was I was only 1.25 miles out the door when the tube blew.  The bad news is that it was on a busy route 202 and I was in my road shoes.  Pushing the bike home wasn’t going to work without potentially trashing the rim.  So I hoisted the bike to my shoulder and started home.

I got about .75 miles home when a woman with an SUV stopped and offered me a ride.  I’m normally pretty cautious but she was female and there were 2 car seats in the back of the vehicle–so I decided it was a safe bet.  She introduced herself as Kendra of California who was moving to Connecticut and staying with family in the area.   After some friendly chit-chat I was thanking her profusely and grabbing the ‘cross bike to get my ride in.

I got out for another 45 minutes which wasn’t bad for a lunch hour ride.  And I have Kendra to thank.  There are still kind people in the world–Kendra is one of them!  Thanks again!



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “What sounds like a firecracker?”

  1. All Seasons Cyclist says :

    I hate to ask, but what did you hit? I’ve had a lot of flats, but have never got to experience the joy of having a tube blow out. Are you going to have to get a new tire as well?

  2. Karen says :

    To be honest, I think this was my fault. It was a new tube, old tire. I pumped up before heading out. I kept it within the assigned pressure range but I think I may have overinflated. I installed this tube and tire and I think I fowled it up somehow–I don’t remember hitting anything in particular. I should get a new tire anyway–this might nudge me to do so.

  3. BlueRoses says :

    Hurray for Kendra! That is pretty awesome. I remember my first flat: we have goathead thorns out here that are as devilish as you might think. I got one in my tire on an ascent, and at the top, flicked it off – and “hissssssssss” tire went flat. There was a group there with at least 2 people who had toolbags under their seats, but no one offered a patch or anything. C’est la vie. I just hung out next to the water (it was at the reservoir) in the shade and waited for my group to go get the car and come back and get me.

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