Gravel Lunch

The title sounds foreboding, but this is a happy post.  It’s officially summertime, and I’m bringing my bike to the office more now to sneak in bike rides during my lunch hour.  My office is on a busy yet rural route–one lane either way but it’s a steady stream of traffic.  The good news is that surrounding in all directions are farms, country roads, cows, horses, and lots of barns.

My lunch ride usually consists of a .5 mile on busy route 9, then quickly hopping off to quieter roads.  Within 1.5 miles, I’m here:

This is happymaking.  I have a view of the Seven Sisters (Holyoke Range) and  a good stretch of bumpy dirt and gravel flanked with high grassy fields.  Red winged blackbirds dart through the fields.  And I ride though it all.  I am back on pavement too soon but have options as far as which country road to take.  Some are busier than others, but all the views are good.  It’s a great way to spend a lunch hour.



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Gravel Lunch”

  1. bgddyjim says :

    I so have to get a cross bike, that looks like a lot of fun.

  2. Karen says :

    You *must* get a cross bike. Have to been to the races? Best time at a sporting event, ever. It’s a blast!

  3. bgddyjim says :

    I so have to get a cross bike – that’s awesome

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