Float like a butterfly…

Suspicions confirmed:  Riding the cross bike and the mountain bike exclusively for the past 6 months has had a HUGE impact on my speed on the road bike.  I thought this would be the case, but wow–I mean, WOW.

Not that I was trying for faster–but I’ll take it.  I mean, who doesn’t want to go faster?  Anyway–I knew right away things were different when I took my first pedal stroke.  “My bike is so light…” I thought.  Compared to the ‘cross bike, the Dolce Elite is feather light (and this is no carbon fiber number–this is just a couple clicks above an entry-level road bike).  The handling was a little twitchy.  Such a delicate machine compared to the bikes I had been slogging along with.  And I’ve owned the Dolce Elite for 6 years now–how quickly I forgot.

I started the legs moving and drove that bike forward.  I didn’t try to hammer, I really wanted a fair comparison.  1st 5 miles–2 mins faster than average.  2nd 5 miles, 4 minutes faster than average. 3rd 5 miles, 3.5 minutes faster. Wow.  I plan on pushing it next time to see how far I can take it.  But by riding the cross bike so much, I’ve basically put myself at the fastest I’ve been, ever.  And now–this is not fast in the real world.  I am no undiscovered Evie Stevens, I assure you.  But in my little world, this is fast for me, and as I said before–I’ll take it.  And it’s only June!




About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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