Back in the Saddle

Last week was an eye opener, and wearing the pedometer has been helpful in increasing my awareness of inactivity during the work day.  That said, I got out to run Wednesday and Thursday, 3 miles a piece.  Then I took a long weekend.

I could not have picked a better weekend to take, either.  The weather was near perfect and I got out for a hard hilly ride with Heather on Friday morning.  We both had our cross bikes, and did a route that another cyclist I had met on the road told me about 3 years ago.  I filed the intel away but never tried it out–mostly because I’m a sucky climber and almost always alone on my rides.  Since Heather had made the trip south to pedal with me, I figured I should give her something she could get her teeth into.

We took that right after Red Fire Farm in Granby and headed up Carver Street to Rockrimmon.  It climbs about 600 feet over the course of 2.5 miles which isn’t horrible, but it’s nothing to sneeze at either.  The road actually lands us in Belchertown and dumps us onto Rt. 202.

I said I did it for Heather, and that’s true, but I was for me too.  I was dragging a bit on the onset of our ride and I felt like I needed something to kick my ass a bit.  This did the trick.  All said & done we did 26 miles, 1100 ft of climbing and 1000+ calories burning.

Saturday I took it easy with a 10 mile recovery ride on the bike trail on the mountain bike.  Nice and easy and flat.  A good little spin.

Sunday, I decided the ass kicking should continue, and I did Carver/Rockrimmon again, this time solo.  It was harder this time-maybe because I was alone or maybe because my legs were torn up from the previous 4 days.  During the climb, I went off road a bit to satisfy my curiosity about a little trail I found off the Carver hill and came face to face with a very surprised wild turkey.  I decided that was the end of that tangent and returned to the pavement to resume my climb.  That’s definitely one of the things I like about taking the cross bike out–you can mix it up on packed dirt or gravel without much issue, and still maintain some pretty good speeds.  And, I rode faster overall despite the hard climb.  I was especially faster post climb, pedaling for a long, consistent stretch on 202 at about 16.5 mph with those cross bike tires.

All and all, I feel back.  And that’s a very good thing.




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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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  1. bgddyjim says :

    Welcome back!

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