Day 1 – 30 Days of Biking

Before I get started I’m not pledging to blog every single day on my 30 Days of biking experience.  I’ll tweet those, OK, but I’ll only blog when I feel there’s enough to blog about.

But 30 Days of Biking kicked off today, and despite a full schedule and a cold, dreary rain–I rode my bike.  Around the block.  Once.  In the rain.

I have a brand new seat on the cross bike to replace the stock saddle–which I likened to a Turkish prison torture device.  The new saddle is a Nashbar one.  I got it for a steal and I was reluctant to buy it at first, but after reading a ton of positive reviews I splurged.

It held up alright for the mile around the block.  I wasn’t wearing padded shorts so considering–the seat felt fine.  The new seat is actually a lot lighter than the stock seat from Specialized, so that’s a plus.  It will need a proper ride for a couple of hours to see it will really meet my needs.  The Specialized seat was so painful–after about 45 minutes I was experiencing severe discomfort.

So I rode.  In the cold rain with my hoodie on, I rode through quiet streets on a Sunday afternoon, and returned to my warm living room and a crackling fire.




About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Day 1 – 30 Days of Biking”

  1. Glenn says :

    I like the idea of 30 days of riding. One of my biggest problems is motivating myself to ride when the time available to ride will only allow a 10 mile ride or less. I practically have myself convinced that short rides are not worth it even though I know better!

  2. Forrest says :

    More than ten days in, how is it going?

    As far as Aprils go, it’s been a good spring for cyclists. But, if you want bluer skies and to see the sun (eg that big yellow thing in the sky) I’ve learned that it’s true what everyone has been telling me: go about 10 miles east of the Cascades. It’s a paradise out there!

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