Cycling Snacks: Nutella & Coffee

While I haven’t exacting been doing much cycling lately (unless you count the trainer, which I’ve started hitting with unexpected enthusiasm this winter), my healthy appetite hasn’t diminished a bit.  Like most cyclists, I worship Nutella.  But I didn’t discover it through the cycling community.

I had to take a bite before I could manage a photo, it looked so good.

Nutella was introduced to me at an event at my son’s preschool a few years ago.  Refreshments were served, and among them–Nutella on graham crackers.  I had never had Nutella before and was vaguely familiar that it was some alternative spread of some sort (note: “alternative” when it comes to food in my book means “funny tasting”).  Out of politeness, I tried the Nutella/cracker combo and realized, almost immediately, all the years of enjoyment I had lost by not knowing about this fantastic product before.  I had lost, literally decades.

I am now making up for lost time.
And what goes better with Nutella & Graham Crackers then a cup of coffee?  I always doctor mine with a little Swiss Miss cocoa, because chocolate is the primary ingredient in my diet.  Lately, I’ve started roasting my own coffee to boot, which had made this snack even more enjoyable.  –Karen

Snack time.It's ok to snack on fresh roasted coffee beans too. I promise.


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Cycling Snacks: Nutella & Coffee”

  1. All Seasons Cyclist says :

    I “discovered” Nutella several years ago while on a trip to Europe. It is truly one of my “guilty pleasures,” but because of the high calorie content I won’t eat it except on days when I am riding.

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