Putting the “Sip” back into Sip, Clip and Go!

Crafted with love for me at Espresso Vivace Roasteria on Yale Street in Seattle, WA.

When we started this blog, it was to celebrate our love of two complimentary areas of infatuation:  cycling and coffee.  Over the course of the last 5 years (yes!  5 years blogging about all this!) the cycling has definitely taken a front seat to coffee.  The poor, unsung hero coffee.  Admittedly I drink coffee more than I ride bike.  Perhaps I’ve taken it for granted.

No more.

I love a good cup of coffee–it’s a vital part of my morning ritual.  I’m a little bubble gum about my coffee–I always dump a packet of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate cocoa mix into every cup to make it my own mocha concoction.  If out & about I patronize chain and indie cafes alike. Until last June part of my work responsibility was operation of a cafe inside a chain bookstore.  And I’m not going to romanticize that experience; running a cafe is hard work. The reward is selling a great product to a group of customers as serious and passionate about getting a consistently good cup of joe or a crafted espresso drink.  I love coffee. but I’m a generalist:  I like the universal.  That niche shop in Amherst is a little too strong for me–coffee enthusiasts swear by its quality and committment to coffee perfection, and turn their noses down to Starbucks.  Other people find Starbucks too strong.  Different strokes, different folks. Coffee is good and great, and I like mine just about how most of the country likes it. Except sweeter, with the Swiss Miss patch.

Cycling and coffee seem to fit so well together, and most of my cycling buddies won’t start their rides without an infusion of caffeine to power their rides. Other friends like to mix the cafe experience into their ride (I couldn’t do this, I’m not that leisurely about my workouts to pause for a latte). In my 30’s, I always had a hot cup post ride, especially during chilly weather.

How do you take your coffee with your rides?  Do tell.

Thanks for playing.



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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