Mud, Sweat & Gears–All Weekend Long

This weekend is bike-topia for me.  This Saturday I’m participating in Mud, Sweat & Gears duathlon in Ashland, MA.  Then on Sunday, I’m heading over to Fort Stage Park in Gloucester for the Gran Prix of Gloucester:  Pro Cyclocross racing at it’s very best.  There, I’m strictly speculating, as well as playing amateur photographer.  Also, my son is racing in the kids race–but I doubt he’ll be shouldering the bike like this young guy:

Cross season is here!

It’s been raining this week, and the Northeast has been suffering record flooding all summer long. The ground is so saturated, if you bend over and grab at the turf, water oozes like suds from a sponge.  Showers are predicted for Saturday as well.  It’s going to be a mud bath.

As I consider the conditions, I find myself grinning a bit.  I’m actually looking forward to racing in the mud and rain.  I realize this very well may be an over-inflated, romantic notion that doing this hard thing (racing) in uncomfortable, sloppy, difficul,t conditions (mud and rain), will be–somehow–enjoyable.  Why would I think this?  There is no logic or reason to support such thinking.  If I were in my right mind, I’d be cringing when checking the weather report.  So why am I smiling?

Someone answer, because I’m not sure I have it 🙂


PS–talk to me again after the race and see if I’m still smiling…..


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Mud, Sweat & Gears–All Weekend Long”

  1. craig says :

    see you in Gloucester! I want my 3yo son to race the kid’s kick-bike race on Sunday but I am not sure if he’ll be overdue for a nap by 1:30.

  2. Karen says :

    So did he race? I skipped it with my son because we thought the rain would be too bad, but it held off for the kiddos….

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