Knobby Roots

Morning dew on the knobby rear wheel.

A little more than a week I’m racing!  Well, I’ll be participating in a race.  I’ll have a number and I’ll gather at the start line with the pack of amateur athletes. But truth be told, I’m not sure I really know how to race.

I know how to not stop.  But that’s hardly racing.  I have made peace with the fact that I will never be first.  I can endure a good deal, string out my resources and survive a course.  But I’m not gonna be first across the line.  Ever.  That’s OK.

This year has been one of great transition for me.  I’ve changed careers–a scary proposition in this economy.  Let’s pile on some single motherhood, a mortgage and that ugly number 40 too.  But the gamble (fingers crossed) is paying off and I am experiencing sustained happiness of which I haven’t experienced in about 8 years time.  Because of the career change, I am able to work out consistently, which also contributes to my overall happiness.  As for cycling–I’ve returned to my mountain biking roots for the pleasure of it.  I have only been on the road bike a handful of times and have a beautiful new cyclocross bike I’ve ridden 4 times.  I’m playing in the woods on my starter Trek, 11 years old and still a great ride.  And I’m really happy just playing, riding, fooling around, exploring new trails.

So next weekend, I will not come in first.  But I’ll be smiling when I cross the line 🙂



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About Karen

Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

2 responses to “Knobby Roots”

  1. Jeff Moser says :

    I’ve only done one mountain bike race, and it was back in 2003. I entered sport class thinking beginner meant beginning rider. The only guy I beat must’ve broken his frame in half and had to walk back! I wasn’t sure how I was doing, but when I came across the finish and my wife said, “We were getting worried about you!”, I had a feeling…

  2. Karen says :

    LOL Jeff, yeah–my first race I did in 2001 and since not a lot of women race, I went against the only 2 other women, both who were younger, fitter, and racing in sport class at Mt Snow’s NOBRA Championships. I got trounced! Why I ever did it again is beyond me. I guess I enjoy physical punishment and public humiliation 🙂

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