Earl’s Trails


How is it I have lived here so long and I have not mountain biked Earl’s Trails?  It is literally 10 minutes from my house, and it’s….well, amazing.

Heather and I parked up at the Holyoke Notch and crossed the street to the famed trailhead.  The trail starts around a decommissioned air force base.  It was already after 6pm so we didn’t have a lot of time.  After getting some friendly advice from a couple of fellow mtbers, we decided to flow down the trail rather than start off with a climb.

The trail was *so* fun.  Twisty and turny, rolling down and then up. It was just technical enough to ensure you were paying attention. There were countless switchbacks, and stopping for a drink only meant feeding the mosquitoes, so we tried not to if we could help it.

As light began to fade, we found a house through the trees and used their driveway as an exit. We found a road and quickly realized we had reached the bottom of the small mountain.   We took route 116 from Atkins Farm back up to the Holyoke Notch, which was a steady 500 foot climb.

Another trip, with more daylight and a snack or two is planned for next time.


Ride stats by Garmin here.


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

One response to “Earl’s Trails”

  1. Velosopher says :

    I’ve been posting quite a lot about this place recently — been riding my new-ish Salsa Vaya (a dirt-oriented touring bike) there on the less climby parts since April. MTBers who’ve cycled all over America have told me it’s their fave place to ride. Maybe I’ll run into you guys sometime!

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