How the hell does this work again?

How I roll

No, I’m not talking about riding a bike. I’m talking about posting to this here blog of ours. The weather was gorgeous this morning with t-storms predicted later, so I was wondering what to do with my window of opportunity. My friend Laurie called, and I picked up the phone with, “When and where?” We decided on now and wherever. Twenty three miles later she was ready to tackle yard chores and I was ready to see what other trouble I could get into.

How to tell Wormtown is this weekend:

Nothing to worry about

Laurie and I debated about going down the line of cars waiting to get in, and tell them the police were searching vehicles. Just beer, though, a new no more than a 6-pack rule. We figured we would hit the mother lode for our Memorial Day weekend. We then remembered we were both working, why bother.

Ride stats

Distance: 23.3 miles
Temperature: High 70s (?)
Ride category: Guilt-free extra slice of pizza at Karen’s tonight.



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2 responses to “How the hell does this work again?”

  1. Chuckster says :

    Oh, My! Can it be that the Rapture was delayed by a mere few days! Heather has posted once again!

  2. Karen says :

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL. What he said ! 🙂

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