Road of Snow

I’m going to start by explaining why I chose the image I did for this post.  This is the leg of an Elite Woman Pro Cyclist.  I have no idea who she is.  She’s in the middle of a race during this photograph.  But let’s all agree, she’s got a great leg, and we can assume the other one looks just as fantastic as this one does.  

The ideal.

My legs are strong, but don’t look this nice. I chose this image because I need to stay focused on retaining some fitness during what is becoming the most snowy, inhospitable winter of my lifetime.  We’ve received 61 inches of snow so far this season.  Our seasonal record is 107 inches, and I remember that winter.  This one is worse.  The reason being that we’ve had little to no melting between storms, resulting in snowbanks 9 feet high, a permanent layer of thick ice on secondary roads, and ice dams on every single building across the entire region. 

Running has stopped.  Biking stopped in September.  My workouts as of late have consisted of upper body arm toning by chipping away 10 inches of ice in my gutters.  Doing 3 stories of stairs for 4 straight hours as I attempted to prevent many gallons of melting snow from pouring through every level of my house.  This past weekend left me as physically exhausted just trying to minimize damage to my home from ice dams, it reminded me of how I felt after my 70 mile LIVESTRONG ride last August.  I am sore, I am tired, but it’s not from riding my bike.

And now the glimmer on the horizon.  I got back on the trainer.  I’ve resisted it more this year than any other,  But last week I got on and found I did pretty well.  Instead of focusing on what I hate about the trainer, let me talk about what I liked:

  • I liked feeling those familiar muscles in my legs as I pedaled.
  • I liked the feeling of assuming the sideways V position on the bike. 
  • I liked that I felt like I could have gone longer.

So I need to suck it up and commit to the trainer, because truthfully, it’s not all bad.  It’s the only way to keep any fitness at all this season, other than all the roof climbing and ice chipping and snow shoveling (at least my core is getting a workout). 



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Road of Snow”

  1. Velosopher says :

    So true. Shoveled for only 30 min. on my roof this weekend, but somehow the odd angle gave my right quads a huge workout, not to mention shoulders, back, etc. Had to skip a day of running. Been trying to run outdoors for my sanity, but this weekend was a giant game of hopscotch around (and into) huge lakes of slush.

    I did get up to Northfield two times this winter for skiing. If I had my own skis, that would be more of a training option.

    The roads around here are almost clear enough to go for a pre-pre-season ride, with fenders and wider tires… but the real melt hasn’t come yet.

    Februaries are the times that try our souls!

  2. Karen says :

    Yes, I too find my visits to the roof have strained the strangest muscle groups. I call it roof yoga. Positions include “Downward Snowshovel,” “Snow-bound Angle,” and “Snow-Snake.”

    LOL, hang in there, the ice age can’t last forever!

  3. velosopher says :

    Maybe I could open a “snowga” studio at my house — make money *and* get my roof and driveway cleaned… hmmm…

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