Thinking about racing

In keeping with the new year, I’ll stick to the common new year theme by setting a goal or three.  If you’ve read this blog over the years, you’ve seen this theme emerge, like so many other blogs, with the dawn of every new year.  But this blog is different.  I’m different.  My goals are important.  So you should keep reading and be interested. 

You see, I’m great at setting goals.  And pretty good (but admittedly not great) at following though on said goals.  I’m famous for biting more off than I can chew.  I’m like a kid on Thanksgiving who piles her plate high and can’t finish half of what she’s been served.  It’s not because I’m not hungry enough–it’s because there’s just no room.

My schedule is tenacious.  I work as  full-time professional and single parent a 6-year-old boy.  I pay a mortgage.  I own pets.  I maintain important relationships with loved ones.  I am Jane Q. Responsible Citizen.  It’s a busy gig. 

Somehow, I cram in physical activity.  I set goals like biking 70 miles for LIVESTRONG and raising over $1000 (check!) and participating in the Warrior Dash (sadly, no check).  So this year, I consider approaching things a little differently.  This year, I’m breaking it down by season.  Spring will be the Rockbuster Off Road Duathlon in Ashland, MA.  The summer and fall have yet to be named.  You see, thinking about racing is hard.  Look at these guys, who are actually racing.  You can see how hard they are thinking.  Just look at their tongue position:

At any rate, there’s a lot to think about, and I figure this year, why get ahead of myself?  I don’t want to set a goal I can’t reach because I can’t find a babysitter, or enough time to train.  I want to be able to finish what’s on my plate for once.  Maybe this time I’ll feel a little more satisfied with what I did over the year.

And then there’s always dessert 😉



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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

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