Photos Day 2 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Race Northampton, MA 2010

This weekend was the 20th anniversary of the Cycle Smart International cross races in Northampton.  I missed Day 1, but made it out for day two to watch the Women’s Elite race.  I was fortunate enough to be using a new camera with sport action shutter speeds–which gave me some decent shots of the action.  It was a tough race led most of the way by Maureen Bruno-Roy, but in the end, Laura Van Glider claimed victory.  Great day for racing and spectating!  –Karen

Cross racing is fun! Especially in the sand pit!

Mo Bruno Roy chases Laura Van Glider up the hill.


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Mid-life female amateur athlete focused on cyclocross, mountain biking, and road cycling.

3 responses to “Photos Day 2 Cycle-Smart Cyclocross Race Northampton, MA 2010”

  1. Velosopher says :

    Great shots! I was there both days and probably saw you shooting somewhere. So inspired, I might be buying a ‘cross bike, and looking for some easy single-track around Hadley!

    • Karen says :

      easy trails at nonotuck park in easthampton. There are trails in Hadley called Earl’s trails off the Holyoke Notch but dn’t think that’s the easiest place to start. Every fall I contemplate getting a cross bike….it looks so hard & fun at once!

  2. velosopher says :

    I’ll check out those trails in Easthampton! Thanks. I’m hoping to find something an easy ride from my house, too, so I can just romp before work in the mornings.

    I doubt I’ll be ‘cross *racing,* more just having fun on the bike and maybe eventually using it for commuting, if I can find a new job closer to home than my current one in Ware… At 46, I’m unfortunately finding racing of any kind just a tad out of reach.

    If you guys are planning a ride anytime soon and would like company, let me know.

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