Working Hard for the Money at the Gran Prix of Gloucester: 2010



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Score one for spectator participation at today’s Great Brewer’s Gran Prix of Gloucester.  One of the best highlights of the Men’s Elite race today was the disbursement of  (ahem) spectator contributed prize money.  It started, I think, with a clever photographer who laid a few dollar bills on the course right after a run up with barriers.  This was one of the best places to get an action shot of the racers, and a place where the racers struggled to hop the barriers while shouldering their bikes.  The photographer obviously wanted a different kind of action shot, but when the crowd got into it, more money was tossed onto the course.  Five, tens and a bill that looked like a hundred was tossed onto the ground in front of racers.  The guys at the back of the pack played into it by scooping up a bill as they dashed past the crowds, and we all roared when a racer grabbed up a bill. 

People shouted “Money! Money!” and pointed to the ground as the pros ran up the barriers.  The men at the front stayed focused on the big picture and tramped the bills into the dusty earth.  Occasionally, the photographer would run over when there was a break in the pack to dust off the bills and reposition them for easy snatching.  It was great fun, and those guys struggling at the rear made a few tips for the great entertainment they provided. 

I love this sport!


PS–More to come on the 2010 Gran Prix of Gloucester!


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